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How Party Accommodator was Born

About Leanne Shapiro Govaert

Leanne Shapiro Govaert started Party Accommodator over 20 years ago. Her first love has always been hospitality, thus she obtained a degree in hotel and restaurant management with a minor in business back in 1987 from Newbury College. From there, she started to work a 9-5 job, so she could start saving for a home and start a family (FYI, Leanne is not a 9-5 desk person by any means). After several years of doing her party planning business as a side hustle, it finally became sustainable enough for her to stick both feet in and do what she loves doing. And thus, Party Accommodator was born in 2008.

Working with clients and taking on tasks of event planning and staffing has always been what she loved. We are proud of the long-term relationships we have built with our clients, and are delighted with our customer referral rate of over 90%. Because. of our long-term relationships with our clients, we also are grateful to celebrate all stages of life from having babies to getting married. We thrive in our relationships with our clients, which sets us apart from other companies. 

Party Accommodator is boutique-styled, and hope to always make a positive lasting impression. Leanne and her team of experts have a combined experience of 50 years in the event, gig, and party industry. Our group of accomodators are experts at staging, event coordination, bartending, and ensuring that there is a proper flow at your event. Our end goal is to have you become a guest at your own event so that you can relax and host, we do the most

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